Product Summary

The EMC5754-00VF05GRR is a complete linear charger for single cell lithium-ion batteries. With small SOT-23-5 package and few external components, the EMC5754-00VF05GRR is well suited for portable applications. In addition, the EMC5754-00VF05GRR is specifically designed to work within USB power specifications. The applications of the device are (1)Wireless handsets; (2)Hand-held instruments; (3)Portable information appliances; (4)Bluetooth application; (5)Charging docks and cradles.


EMC5754-00VF05GRR absolute maximum ratings: (1)VIN, VBAT , VCHGB: -0.3V to 6.0V; (2)VPROG: -0.3V to VIN +0.3V; (3)BAT Short-Circuit Duration: Continuous; (4)BAT Pin Current: 1A; (5)PROG Pin Current: 1mA; (6)Storage Temperature Range: -65°C to160°C; (7)Junction Temperature (TJ): 150°C; (8)Lead Temperature (10 sec.): 260°C.


EMC5754-00VF05GRR features: (1)Programmable charge current up to 1A; (2)No MOSFET, sense resistor or blocking diode required; (3)Complete linear charger in SOT-23-5 for single Lithium-ion batteries; (4)Typical zero reverse current from battery; (5)Thermal regulation maximizes charge rate without risk of overheating; (6)Charges single cell Li-ion batteries directly from USB port; (7)Act as a LDO when battery is removed; (8)Preset 4.1V/4.2V/4.3V/4.35V charge voltage w ±1% accuracy; (9)Automatic recharge; (10)Charge status indicator; (11)C/10 charge termination; (12)45A shutdown supply current ; (13)2.9V trickle charge threshold; (14)Soft-start limits inrush current ; (15)RoHS compliant and Pb-free.


EMC5754-00VF05GRR block diagram