Product Summary

The PCI9030-AA60PIF is a SMARTarget I/O Accelerator. It continues to provide market leading, high performance 32-bit PCI solutions. In this tradition, PLX is offering the PCI9030-AA60PIF SMARTarget I/O Accelerator. There are many ways to do a PCI target design. Many PCI chip and core designs only attempt to implement the minimum PCI v2.1 bus interface signaling and call it complete. This leaves the burden of connectivity, performance and system compatibility on the designer. Only the PCI9030-AA60PIF has SMARTarget technology, a set of advanced features which go far beyond the minimum to provide the best possible performance and flexibility to simplify the design. A basic target design is one thing, but a SMARTarget design is much more.


PCI9030-AA60PIF absolute maximum ratings: (1)Maximum operating temperature: +125℃; (2)Supply Voltage: 3.3V.


PCI9030-AA60PIF features: (1)PCI v2.2 compliant 32-bit 33MHz Target Interface Chip enabling PCI Burst Transfers up to 132Mbytes/second.; (2)Up to 60MHz Local Bus operatioenabling burst transfers up to 240Mbytes/second; (3)PCI Target Read Ahead Mode; (4)PCI Target Programmable Burst; (5)PCI Target Delayed Write; (6)Posted Memory Writes.


PCI9030-AA60PIF diagram