Product Summary

The 21006541 is an Application Specific Integrated Circuit. Still packaged in a 14 pin MLFTM(MicroLeadFrameTM), the 21006541 provides backwards compatibility while adding an easier reset function, a larger data buffer, lower power, and indefinite memory retention. In addition to the 14 pin MLFTM Packaged Triple-Track ASIC as a stand-alone chip, the 21006541 also offers the Shift-Out IntelliHead, a magnetic head with the chip actually built-in. The Shift-Out IntelliHead uses the same Triple-Track ASIC, but completely encapsulated in a low-profile magnetic head, offering further integration and excellent noise immunity by shielding the low-level analog signals inside the head.


21006541 absolute maximum ratings: (1)VDD:-0.3V to 4.0V; (2)STROBE Input Voltage:-0.3V to VDD+0.3V; (3)STROBE Protection Diode Current:-20mA to 20mA; (4)DATA Input Voltage:-0.3V to VDD+0.3V; (5)DATA Protection Diode Current:-20mA to 20mA; (6)DATA Output Current Sourcing:internally limited; (7)DATA Output Current Sinking:20mA; (8)Storage Temperature:-55 to 150; (9)ESD Immunity:human body model:2000V; (10)ESD Immunity:machine model:200V; (11)ESD Immunity:charge device model:500V; (12)Latch-up Immunity:100mA.


21006541 features: (1)Low cost solution for single, dual, or triple track readers-one triple-track chip works for all ; (2)Compact design:4 mm x 5 mm, 14 pin MLFTM (also called QFN) surface mount package ; (3)Minimal external components-only a decoupling capacitor is required. Only 2 signals, DATA, and STROBE, to connect to your micro-controller for up to 3 tracks ; (4)Data buffer with Shift-Out - allows full card data to be locally stored on ASIC. Retrieve when desired. Use a low-cost controller with no interrupts, limited memory, low-speed, low pin-count, etc; (5)Robust re-synchronization capabilities - reads cards with badly damaged leading or synchronization zero-bits in either swipe direction ; (6)High noise immunity - with proper PCB layout, the ASIC can withstand noisy PC monitors, cell phones, switching power supplies, etc ; (7)High performance decoding - reads badly damaged cards; compensates for poor head mounting ; (8)Card-Present Feature - indicates when an encoded card is being swiped ; (9)Low voltage operation - 2.7 V to 3.6 V ; (10)Low operating current - less than 1 mA total current at 3.3V(for up to 3 tracks) while card is being swiped.


21006541 dimenisons