Product Summary

The DP83916VF is a Systems-Oriented Network Interface Controller. It is designed to meet the demands of today’s high-speed 16-bit systems. The system interface of the DP83916VF operates with a high speed DMA that typically consumes less than 8% of the bus bandwidth. Selectable bus modes of the DP83916VF provide both big and little endian byte ordering and a clean interface to standard microprocessors. The linked-list buffer management system of SONIC-16 offers maximum flexibility in a variety of environments from PC-oriented adapters to high-speed motherboard designs.


DP83916VF absolute maximum ratings: (1)Supply Voltage (VCC): -0.5V to 7.0V; (2)DC Input Voltage (VIN): -0.5V to VCC + 0.5V; (3)DC Output Voltage (VOUT): -0.5V to VCC + 0.5V; (4)Storage Temperature Range (TSTG): -65℃ to 150℃; (5)Power Dissipation (PD): 500 mW; (6)Lead Temp. (TL) (Soldering, 10 sec.): 260℃; (7)ESD Rating(RZAP = 1.5k, CZAP = 120 pF): 1.5 KV.


DP83916VF features: (1)23-bit non-multiplexed address/16-bit data bus; (2)High-speed, interruptible DMA; (3)Linked-list buffer management maximizes flexibility; (4)Two independent 32-byte transmit and receive FIFOs; (5)Bus compatibility for all standard microprocessors; (6)Supports big and little endian formats; (7)Integrated IEEE 802.3 ENDEC; (8)Complete address filtering for up to 16 physical and/or multicast addresses; (9)32-bit general-purpose timer; (10)Full-duplex loopback diagnostics; (11)Fabricated in low-power CMOS; (12)132 PQFP package; (13)Full network management facilities support the IEEE 802.3 layer management standard; (14)Integrated support for bridge and repeater applications.


DP83916VF diagram